CompDesE - Composite Design and Engineering made in Aachen

We are specialized in Composite Design and Engineering with Finite Elements Analysis (FEA). Our services are focused on manufacturing of highly loaded composite parts and include following steps:


During the design process we conduct an analysis of requirements, virtual part modeling, create composite ply lay-up, run optimization of composite lay-up and prepare ply book, which is a guideline for a manufacturing process. After this step, we manufacture prototypes and run production of a small series using Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion Molding (VARIM). Our broaden network of partners, including composite research institutes around RWTH Aachen University and industry partners from region guarantee the most innovative solutions.

Modeling, Analysis, Optimization, Studies and Evaluation of Composites structural parts using Finite Elements Analysis (FEA)

Manufacturing of composites with near-net shape textile reinforcements under usage of out-of autoclave in-house infusion process: Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion Molding (VARIM) , functional and mechanical tests on prototypes, production and cost planning, consulting